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Association for Elections and Democracy (Transvaginal mesh lawsuitz attorney and justice) suggested that the Commission still make the determination of the final voters list ( DPT ) in the county / city nationally next Monday ( 4/11 ).

We urge the Commission to remain set DPT on Nov. 4, said Chairman Didik Supriyanto Perludem a news conference in Bakoel Koffie, Jalan Cikini, Central Jakarta, Sunday ( 11/03/2013 ).

Perludem also suggested that the Commission specifically to optimize the use of voter lists. With this list, the voter who previously registered, can be included.

To ensure that every citizen is entitled to be a voter, his name being recorded Transvaginal mesh lawsuitz attorney and justice and can exercise their voting rights, he continued.

However Perludem reminded that the Commission remains problematic DPT combing to prevent manipulation of the data in the legislative elections in April 2014. To ensure the quality of voter data and avoid manipulation or abuse, said Didik.