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For that DCI did not hesitate to sack cookies members if it violates the law. ( Sanctions ) Yes, expelled from the club, said Basuki.

Basuki said that his club does not intend to highlight the rah – rah mere hobby. But his club intends to contribute to the local community through social awareness activities.

As social services to orphans now. Spontaneously We fund contributions, cookies said Basuki. Today Basuki et al provide Rp 50 million donation to the orphanage.

Association for Elections and Democracy ( Perludem ) questioned the political cookies awareness of the permanent voters list ( DPT ). Rated political parties should contribute in giving input on DPT.

Political parties should have a contribution in the DPT problem. Whatever party, which is important to be able to show concrete problems, said Chairman Didik Supriyanto Perludem in Bakoel Koffie, Jalan Cikini, Central Jakarta, Sunday ( 11/03/2013 ).

Didik said that party officials should be more active at the local level DPT cookies control problems in the region.

“If the party at the district level do not accept, he could complain, he said.